Personal Health Insurance

Graham Silva medical insurance brokers

With so many service providers, waiting periods, condition exclusions, PMB conditions and other jargon, selecting a medical aid can be overwhelming and leave you wondering if you are in fact as covered as you should be. It is often only when you really need to depend on your medical aid cover that you may discover it’s shortfalls.

Let us help you decide whether a solid comprehensive plan with day-to-day benefits or a simpler plan covering all your in-hospital costs suits you as an individual or family. With the rising costs of private healthcare, and the increasing gap between what medical aids pay and what medical services actually cost, the addition of specialist gap cover for shortfalls also gives added peace of mind.
As registered brokers for four of SA’s leading medical aids, and 2 gap cover specialists, we’re able to assess, compare and recommend a package offering you the most benefits and value for your monthly spend.