Professional Indemnity

This insurance is a MUST for any professionals or companies that give advice or provide a regulated service. This insurance will cover you for any claims that you could be found liable for if your advice or services was not correct or up to par. This is taken and required in a number of fields such as:

1)    Doctors
2)    Accountants
3)    Lawyers
4)    Estate Agents
5)    Telecommunications
6)    Filmmakers
7)    Teaching
8)    Engineers
9)    Brokers
10)    Financial institutions

The cover is extended to a wide variety of issues that may be encountered in your line of work and includes (but is not limited to):
•    Breach of confidentiality.
•    Unintentional breach of contract.
•    Defence costs in addition to Policy Limits (policy retention is not applicable to defence costs).
•    Fraud and Dishonesty.
•    Unintentional infringement of intellectual property rights.
•    Defamation.
•    Wrongful Act, error or omission.
•    Misstatement, misleading statement.